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    Problem with “Patches and Service Pack:” section in “Update Now” function of EPO 4.6.6




      we have the following problem. We are using EPO 4.6.6 build 176 as production and as testing environment. Both environments are configured identical. The EPO agent is on version 4.8 and the VSE is on version 8.8 patch 2. Now I checked in the VSE 8.8 patch 4 as patching and as installer package in “Evaluation Branch” in EPO master repository. I can select “VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0” in lower “Patches and Service Packs:” section in our EPO 4.6.6 testing environment  if I go to “System Tree” selecting a machine and click on “Update Now”. But I can’t see that point “VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0” in lower “Patches and Service Packs:” section if I try the same on our EPO 4.6.6 production environment! I only see “Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0.0” and “ePO Agent Key Updater 4.6.0” on our EPO production environment. Why? Where is the point to make that point visible to use that "Update Now" function?


      Thanks for answering.


      Regards from Germany



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