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    Ataching PDF's causes Outlook slowdown




      We are experiencing some very noticeable slowdown when attaching a PDF to an e-mail within Outlook.


      We are currently running EPO 4.6  with VirusScan 8.8, and Agent version 4.6. We are aware this is currently not the newest versions of these, but our current infrastructure cannot support higher versions currently. We are also using Microsoft Office 2007.


      We have narrowed down the slowdown to the OnDemand Scan of the e-mail attachments as they are attached, which is quite noticeable when adding PDF's and can have the undesired effect of causing Outlook to become unresponsive for long periods of time, 5-10 minutes. Is this kind of delay to be expected, as size of the PDF seems to have no bearing of how long this unresponsive state remains. We could take PDF's out of the scan list for the OnDemand Scanner, but, we are unsure as if this is a good idea or not? While it solves the issue, it might introduce potential threats.


      Can anyone see a problem, or perhaps advise if this should be happening?