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    valid recipient checks for Domino LDAP - need help


      Hello colleagues,

      i'm trying to setup ldap email authentication against Domino Ldap for inbound mail. Any my main problem with domino's adress book shortnames: in domino address book every user may have so called shortnames and domino accept email for this shortname also, for ex:


      user: test_user


      for ex. mail domain:domain.com

      for this configuration domino accepts email for test_user@domain.com as well as for tuser@domain.com.


      Now I have following ldap check("valid recipient"):


      shortname corresponds to uid ldap field, but problem here is that this field contains just shortname(i.e. without domain suffix) while %email% substitution has domain suffix, i.e.:

           uid = tuser


      and effectively uid!=%email%, so my question is how to overcome this situation? Do we have another substitutions for part of email before "@", may be %user%, so that I could write something like:



      thanks in advance