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    Extending a logical volume in McAfee Web Gateway 7.3.2 Virtual Appliance


      Hi all,


      During the last days I've spent some time developing my own procedure to resize the /opt partition of my Web Gateway (virtual appliance) without the necessity to install and configure a new one from scratch (as McAfee Support has suggested).


      Our problem was in the initial definition because the vmware virtual machine was created with a virtual disk of 30 GB. This cause that the appliance (after some months) begins with updates issues (stopping URL Database Updates processes) due insufficient disk space.


      From Mcafee Support side I received this response:



      “The /opt partition currently only has 4 gigs of hard disk space. Requirements for running MWG on vmware include 200+ gigs for disk space which would then give the opt partition 40gigs to work with.
      https://community.mcafee.com/community/business/email_web/webgateway/blog/2010/1 0/21/mwg-7-in-vmware
      I would recommend building a new vmware appliance that meets the requirements and then joining it to the cluster so that the configuration can sync.”



      I agree that the requirement is 200 GB (which is correct and is documented) but I think that McAfee Support can give me another solution to solve my issue.

      Among other things, I have moved to a virtual infrastructure due the easily provision of the resources (as needed). So, I did my effort to find the correct way to solve this issue and take the advantage of the virtual infrastructure.

      The procedure (based on VMware KBs, Web Gateway Community and Linux LVM commands) is available for anybody, but as I do not have the appropriate permissions to upload a document on the community I decided to write this post. If someone wants to get the procedure send me a private message.




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