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    EMM 12 Extension Error


      I'm about to deploy 50 new iPhones and, wanting to take advantage of the new IOS7 features, upgraded from EMM 11 to EMM 12 yesterday.  All went fine but when trying to install the ePO extensions I get an error...


      Unable to install extension. The following error occurred while executing this line:



      F:\ePolicy Orchestrator\Server\Extensions\installed\emm\\install.xml:345: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Timestamp format must be yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss[.fffffffff]

      ...by installing the bundle extensions separately I have pinpointed it to the EMM_12.0.0.1073.zip one that throws this error.


      Can anybody shed any light on this please?

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          I've seen this issue on a couple of occasions with both EMM 11.0 and 12.0.  The issue is cause by a conflict with existing database entries.  The resolution was to start by creating a backup of ePO as detailed in knowledgebase article KB66616.  Open the ePO database in Microsoft Studio Manager and go to the table Orion.DashboardPage and delete any rows with EMM in the name.  Retry the check-in of the EMM extension and you should find it works.


          If you get any issues with the process you can roll back by following the restore process as per KB66616, but make sure you have the ePO installation files for the version you're running together with the backup prior to amending any database entries.





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            Hi Julian


            Many thanks for this, it worked perfectly and saved me the whole MER reporting process to boot!


            Kind regards