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    Windows 7 Enterprise Sysprep (Fails after Install)


      I am setting up images of Win 7 enterprise.


      I have VSE 8.8 on them and if I don't add the McAfee agent and all the other modules (policy auditor, hips, etc) it will sysprep and install fine via WDS.


      If I put all the other McAfee stuff on the machine it will sysprep fine, but once I capture the image (.wim) and go to deploy it, it will install and then when it reboots to finish applying registry settings it fails, says to reboot and try again, and then it gets stuck in this loop.

      With all the McAfee stuff installed I am going into the registry and removing the agentGUID key.  I did get a log with some registry errors that I can share, but I am not sure what I need to change from here.  I need to get this image to include all the McAfee add ons.


      Any ideas?  I've also tried clearing out the mac address setting as well but it still does the same thing.