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    A few general queries about MOVE


      Hi all,


      apologies in advance if all these points have been covered. I'm familiar with ePO but not at all with MOVE.


      I'm just starting to use MOVE 3, with ePO 4.6.6 and ESX 5.5.


      All seems to be working in that the VM's are protected, the threat log is populating with run info showing protected clients, but there are three things that I'd like to check;


      1. How do you view the DAT version of the SVA? I can see product version/OS Type etc. but there doesn't seem to be a column to add for DAT version even though the MOVE AV Agentless extension is checked in. I've also checked in extensions for Linux 1.9.


      2. Is it possible with ePO 4.6.6 to view related VM's that are protected? The Related items Tab of the system summary in ePO doesn't show anything. I am guessing I need a data connector of some kind?


      3. Is an on-demand scan of the protected VM's possible in this configuration? Creating a new client task only shows the standard products - not any task type that can be set up for the MOVE product.


      Many thanks