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    Switch from McAfree 1-month Trial on new laptop  to my existing subscription


      I want to buy a new Dell Inspiron Windows 8 which comes with a McAfee 1-month free trial pre-installed.  .  I already have an 11 month Anti-Virus Plus subscription on my old XP laptop.  I am not going to use my old computer again.


      I am elderly and not computer literate and would like to use the Trial package for a week or 2 until I get used to Windows 8.  Also, I don't think I would know how to switch McAfee packages at the same time as I set-up the new laptop.     When I decide to switch to my own AVPlus subscription, do I do the following, please.?


      1.  Uninstall Free 1-month Trial package from new Windows 8 laptop


      2.  Download 'My Account' on to new Windows 8 laptop.


      3. Click on 'De-activate' the old XP


      4. Click on 'Download' to install A-V Plus from my existing subscription.


      5.  Uninstall A-V Plus from old XP.


      Your opinion would be much appreciated.