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    Error loading DLP Management Tools 9.3p2

    Sean Slattery

      I am getting the attached errors when attempting to load the DLP management tools. The server and workstation environment is only a few days old and really has nothing special about it. The server is WIndows 2008 R2 SP1 with patches, and the workstation is 64-bit WIndows 7 Enterprise SP1 with all patches. The workstation did auto update to IE11. No error displayed on IE11 but after downgrading to IE10, I receive the errors in the attached screenshot. I have tried under a normal user account as well as running explicitly as an administrator. This is my lab environment but I am experiencing the same problem with a client's enviorment tool. Both are fresh EPO51 installations.


      Off the top of my head my other clients are all running ePO 4.6.6 but have been upgraded over time from 9.1 to 9.2 or 9.3p1.


      Can anyone help? Thank you in advance.

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          Hi Sean.

          I have the same error message with DLP Mgmt Tools DLPE 9.3.P1


          Hope that McAfee or DLP gurus could provide solutions.


          Good Lucks



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            As mentioned yesterday, I had the same problem. I downloaded  and installed DLPE 9.3 p2. It worked now.

            Make sure you use the correct License # for DLPE 9.3 P2.


            BTW, make sure to clear IE cache, too.

            Good Lucks.



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              We are having the same problem as well.  Upgraded from DLP 9.2 from 9.3 p2 and now can't get to policy.

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                Sean Slattery

                I was able to reproduce the problem in various lab environments. Everthing pointed to missing components in Windows 2008 R2's feature activation of .NET.


                On a fresh server installation, adding the .NET features and accepting all of the defaults works. Installing ePO 5.1 and using the included SQL 2008 R2 Express works. But when I install SQL 2008 R2 Standard locally, there is only a partial installation of .NET features/components. As a result, DLP Management Tools recognize the presence of .NET but really only partially and error out.


                I have attached a screenshot of the component suggested by a clean server installation.

                FYI, Untitled.png

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                  I ran into this issue today myself on an ePO 4.6.8 install.


                  • DLP 9.2 installed but never activated or used (interface never loaded)
                  • DLP 9.2 -> 9.3 P2 upgrade performed
                  • Attempt to load interface and I get this exact error


                  I tried the items suggested in this thread but none of them fixed the issue.  I had to remove the DLP Extension from ePO and then install it again to get passed this error.  I'm betting either because I never loaded the interface or applied the key there was some sort of data miss-match between the old version and the new for how licenses are stored/handled.  The inner error of UpdateLicenseSkuAndGetName is what made me think this was the issue and that since I had never run/activated the product it was getting fussy.