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    Port Session timeout


      Hi Guys,


      Hoe to set port session timeout from sidewinder version 8.3.1




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          Every Rule has an Application Defense Group.  Every App. Defense Group has a 'Generic (Required)' app. defense.  In this Generic app. defense is where you set the timeouts for the various services (filters, proxies, and servers).  When you use that App. Defense Group in a rule, the services in that rule get the timeout settings from that Generic app. defense referenced in that Group.

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            I´d like to increase the downtime for an RDP session. How I could do that?


            Thank you very much

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              please find a Product Documentation link below, this have a Chapter "How the Generic Application Defense profile works" and which value you can choose.



              You can increase the time out threshold to the level you need but please keep in mind this will be done for the current Application Deff. Profile. Make sure you use this profile in the RDP allow rule - the App. Deff. field.




              P.S.: Please verify in a tcpdump the session is dropped by the firewall reaching timeout trashold and not by the client or server, otherwise the change suggested above will have no effect for you.