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    Failed to connect to <Agent>:<Wake-up Port>, network error was 10065


      I have been given the task of installing the McAfee Agent 4.8, VSE1.9 and HIPS 8.0 on a Red Hat Enterprise 6 server which appears to have worked but I am unable to wake up the agent from ePO.


      I created the agent installation package on the ePO server as per the installation guide and manually installed the agent.  After installation the Red Hat server appeared in the Workstations sub group as expected and is displaying System Properties and installed Products Ok.


      I then registered the software to install (VSE and HIPS), created a New Client Task to install VSE and then sent an agent wake-up call to start the deployment task as per the installation guide.


      However the agent wake-up call is failing and the server log is reporting that it "Failed to connect to <ServerName>:3353, network error was 10065.  I get this error three time once for the FQDN, host name and IP Address.


      The Red Hat and ePO Servers are virtual machines on different Virtual Networks and I have had to add the server details to the relevant hosts files to allow name resolution.


      I can see that on the Red Hat server the McAfee cma process is listening on port 3533.


      I can SSH to the Red Hat server but not Telnet.


      I am completely new to this and now exhausted Google, so any advice or help anyone can provide to help me resolve this would be very welcome!