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    Can't open or uninstall McAfee on new Win8 VAIO


      Hi there


      I've just bought a new Sony Vaio Pro 13 and it came with McAfee Internet Security and Parental Controls. Neither of the programs open correctly and I keep getting BSOD which I have attributed to McAfee after many google searches.


      I wish to uninstall it completely but when I try and do this via the Control Panel, nothing at all happens for Internet Security and a small window with an IE error box opens when trying to uninstall Parental Controls.


      I just did a live chat with McAfee support which was useless, they said I have to uninstall Intel Anti-Theft and then I will be able to uninstall with MCPR.exe. AFAIK this won't solve the problem as I still can't open or uninstall either program via the control panel first.


      Please help, this is ridiculous. An expensive laptop rendered useless because I can't uninstall this piece of software which I do not want and isn't even installed properly so causes constant BSOD. I see other VAIO users have had similar issues trying to uninstall it and hope VAIO takes note that we don't want this stuff bundled.


      Thanks in advance


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