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    McAfee Says I Have a Virus, But Cannot Locate It Or Fix It


      I am trying to install a program (Tiger Woods PGA Golf 2007).  During the early stages of the installation process, I get a McAfee message that tells me McAfee has detected a trojan virus "on my computer" and it will be necssary for me to restart my computer so McAfee can take care of the problem (or words to that effect).  Restarting the computer does not do anything.  I still get the same message whenever I try to install the program.  Furthermore, I cannot install the program, because the installation process comes to a halt when I get the McAfee message.


      So I run a McAfee scan on the instlalation disk (which is in my CD ROM drive).  It shows no problems on the disk - no virus found, no hostile objects.  Everything appears good to go.  And then the whole process starts all over again when I once again try to install the program.  If I remove the disk from my CD ROM drive, I will not see the McAfee message.  I also scanned the disk with MalAwareBytes and it showed nothing malicious on the disk.


      I would really like to install this program.  Why would McAfee tell me there's a problem, prevent me from installing the program and yet be unable to recognize the problem, or fix it, when I open McAfee and attempt to get it to do something about the problem?

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