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    After update PC is slow


      I have a big problem since yesterday, PC does not react in time.

      It started after having a update from mcAfee, PC went slow, programs didn't react only after appr. 5 minutes they started.

      I have removed mcAfee and reinstalled again but problem reapeared again.

      If I stop realtime scan pc reacts normaly, straingly enough I have a second PC that does not have same problem. This PC has less memory, is single core pentium 4 with 1GB of  memory.

      I have run MVT and this is the outcome no problem, straingly McAfee is reacting as normal.


      I have attached MVT file.

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          Hi Edwin,


          I came to know that this is happening in XP machines. Could you try booting windows to Safe Mode (not Safe mode with Networking) and wait for 5mins and then Reboot to normal mode. Check to see if you are seeing the lag. This step will clear the McAfee cache and will initate a fresh start upon Reboot. Please try this and post back the outcome..!

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            Also you got a floppy installed ? Is it being accessed all the time even with no floppy inserted?

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              Thanks all for the quick responce:


              Selvan: I will check that in the next half an hour.


              Peacekeeper: I have floppy installed but it is not enabled, had problems before. Regular movements. This was happening on the other PC, here I also disabled it after update because it isn't used anymore.

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                Dear Selvan,


                I have don this but no luck, will let full scan run and restart after that mabe that wil help.

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                  1st done compleet install of a vista and all updates, installed McAfee, this ran stable unfortunately an other program I use could not be installed so I was forced back to XP.


                  Done a complete install of XP with all updates till now, and installed McAfee. Sadly no luck, after install works OK, after reboot all goes bad again.

                  Programs take ages to start but when they have started within the program all runs within reason.

                  I took a look at taskmanager and found that my system was not doing anything for a long time and suddenly come to live, also found that network-tab does not show up quickly and it looks like there is no possibility to connect to the PC when realtime scan is running.

                  If realtime scan is not running I can connect to remote desktop.

                  My feeling is that realtime scanning is blokking all network and other actions in a loop until loop is finished.

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                    In Security Center's Real-Time Scan Settings, there is an option to scan network drives. If this is selected, perhaps you should turn it off.


                    I made a few suggestions for troubleshooting RTS by selecting only a minimal set of scan options in another post which I hope might help find the cause of this. As I said in that post, I have a still-working XP SP3 machine which does not have these severe performance problems (it does run a bit slower after the update, but the main problems are browser-related) so perhaps my RTS settings exclude something which is causing a problem to others.

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                      OK this is what I found when My Daughter complains yesterday that XP started to suck very bad.


                      1. There is an issue with performance and floppy noise if you have a floppy installed. This is being looked at fix for the moment is disable teh floppy in device manager.

                      2. In her case she had installed the full version trial of malwarebytes it has a real time scanner that was clashing with the Mcafee scanner badly. Disabling either scanner allowed the PC to function. Do you have anather full version scanner installed  is so only use the free version of Malwarebytes or other free scanners.

                      3. She also had indexing of c drive selected on boot so the mcshield scanner was working flat out till indexing complete this slowed the PC till the indexing was complete. I deselected indexing of you could index only my documents. This is in open explorer right click on c drive and properties and deselect indexing.


                      I wonder if those using XP and complaining about slowness have either of 2 or 3 issues above. I need to know so I can point Mcafee to it. My other XP box is stable and does not have 2 or 3 present.

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                             It was turned on and off to test if this was the problem, unfortunately not.



                             I have disabled floppy in bios

                             I do not use anything like malwarebytes

                             Indexing only on mydocument en mail


                        I also have another XPSP3 computer with only P4 processor and 1GB RAM and this only gave problem with floppy after update, after disabling floppy ran even better according to my wife who is using this machine.

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                          I have read this post too and also followed the steps from there but no luck.

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