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    Controlling the Madness of March Madness


      So it's about that time again, and March Madness will be upon us.  Using MWG 7.3.2, we would like to block just the video content from any sites hosting March Madness feeds.  I have found that building my rule based on category will not work. For example, the sports site nbcsports.com contains links to videos that are hosted on a site categorized as Business.  I have also created a rule with parameters URL.Category at least one in list <sports> AND MediaType.IsVideo = true and this does not work.  Has anyone out there written a rule that successfully blocks this specific traffic?  Thanks!

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          Jon Scholten

          You found exactly what I was going to say, the video itself doesnt always come from a site categorized as sports. As such the rule you described would not work.


          Perhaps you could use the Referer's category URL.CategoriesForURL(Header.Request.Get('Referer')) to check if the video originated from a sports related site.