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    IE8 freezes on IP cam live feed


      Hello lads,

      i have an issue with computers we use for live feed from Vivotek IP cameras.

      IE8 is crashing 10 sec - 5 min after launch of the camera feed (accessed via IP address in IE8).

      Specs of computer: SIEMENS IPC 627C

      OS: XP Pro SP3


      I tried reinstalling IE8, installed newest flash, newest java.

      We use Solidcore, managed by ePO

      This is happening also when solidcore is in update mode. Only thing that helps is placing the solidcore into disable mode and rebooting computer, but this is not a solution.

      We also have VSE 8.8.0 (until we lockdown the computers).

      This is not a 1 machine situation. We have 3 different computers (same config on all of them) with same behavior.

      Any suggestions?