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    McAfee Core NDIS Intermediate Filter Miniport


      It appears that McAfee has disabled the internet connection on my laptop.  It is an acer Extensa 4620 running XP Professional. Device Manager hows several Network Adapters that list the  McAfee Core NDIS Intermediate Filter Miniport.  The Device Status indicates that Windows cannot start this hardware device becuase its configuration information (in the registry_ is incomplet or damaged. (Code 19) 


      McAfee support had me uninstall McAfee, which did not resolve the issue.  They now say that it must not be a McAfee issue and sent me to paid support where they will talk to me for $70.  I have seen posts from July 2013 that discuss this issue, but I wanted to check to see if there is any new information.  I'm not sure I am comfortable editing the registry entries, but will if that is the only way to resolve the issue.

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          3 questions:


          1. Is this XP SP3 and fully updated including IE8, whether or not you use it?

          2. What McAfee software and version is installed?   (open and click About - just the name and the first item in About will do)

          3. When uninstalling did you also use the removal tool?





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            It is XP SP3, fully updated, IE8.  Chrome also is not able to connect.  McAfee was unistalled, so there is none available now.  The McAfee support only had me use the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs.

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              Neither wired or wireless works, but both work on the other laptop that I have.

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                That's very odd.   Run the MCPR cleanup tool to remove all remnants of McAfee (I'm assuming it's home product that was installed, if it was Enterprise then this is in the wrong spot). and then reboot.


                The problems should not occur with the software installed unless you refused connection & permission popup requests and certainly should not occur without the software installed at all.  That would indicate a problem with Windows itself.


                Have you been using registry cleaners by any chance or had a major infection?   Both can cause this.


                The references to the title in history of these forums dates back a long time and the software has changed drastically since then so I'm really at a loss to know why this would happen.


                If you want to try installing again from the online account I can email someone in support to chip in here in the thread to troubleshoot....if you want.


                Before reinstalling run the McPreinstall tool, then go to your account page and download the software.

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                  It is the home product.  I presume I can download the MCPR clean up tool and McPreinstall tool onto a memory stick and use them from there.  As I mentioned, the laptop that has the problem cannot get an internet connection. 


                  I have not been using registry cleaners and have not had a major infection.  Before it was uninstalled, McAfee would not run a scan at all.


                  I would be happy to reinstall McAfee from the online account, if only I could get online.


                  The laptop worked fine one night and the next day, it had no internet connection.

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                    Strange that McAfee was giving all those problems.   I can't help thinking that maybe Windows is missing something vital to its operation.   In Windows Updates which I assume is set to receive updates for everything using Microsoft Update, are there any hidden updates for things like Visual C++ ?  Plus is Java and Flash totally up to date in IE as well as any other browser?


                    What happens when you right-click the network icon by the clock and select repair?   You could also check Network Center and make sure only one network is in use - preferably one that worked before.   Device Manager can also assist there - for instance in mine there were 6 networks, 5 of which I disabled because Windows would confuse them.


                    Yes you can put the installers on a stick, even the security software installer, simply transfer them to your desktop, however, the security software one will need a working Internet connection to install software updates at the time of installation.

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                      Hi IMI,


                      Sorry for the Inconvenience caused. I suspect that the Network driver might be un-installed from your PC. We can try reinstalling the Network drivers of the PC that has connectivity issues. Fortunately we have access to another working PC. Please provide the below information to proceed further.


                      System Manufacturer:

                      Model No:

                      Operating System:

                      OS Version details:


                      With regards to the extra charge the issue might be out of McAfee Tech Support's Scope hence they will charge one time for Support to Non McAfee issues. In our case it might be the Network Driver issue.

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                        I know this is a somewhat "old" thread and that I'm arriving more than a little late to the party, but I thought I'd offer my input as I too experienced similar issues with the McAfee NDIS Core Intermediate Filter Driver issues showing up in my Device Manager (Win Xp, SP3, IE 8). There were two of these entries in my device manager with exclamation points superimposed over the icon. I could not uninstall them as when I tried to do so I'd get a message saying (and I'm paraphrasing here) that the uninstall was not successful because the driver file was either either missing or corrupt.


                        Ex_Brit's suggestion to use McAfee's MCPR clean up tool (found here: http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/MCPR.exe) worked like a charm for me. After running the tool and rebooting, the entries were thankfully gone.


                        Anyway - just wanted to share my experience with this issue and, more importantly, the solution that I found that worked for me. Thanks especially to Ex_Brit for the suggestion.