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    False Artemis!405b0b04d60a


      Same issue as originally posted by deandec on Sept 13, 2013, which is apparently still unanswered.

      This potential Trojan was identified by McAfee after I replaced MSE with McAfee.  MSE never id'd this as a potential Trojan.

      To quote deandec, "Big Kahuma Reef is a game sold by Amazon and was installed on my computer."

      I have played Big Kahuna Reef numerous times since installing August 2009 and have never had any issues.  Now that McAfee has quarantined the file as a potential threat, the Big Kahuna Reef program will not launch.

      I realize that I can probably move this to the trusted items list and the program might then launch, but wanted to consult the community before I proceed.

      Any expert help would be much appreciated.



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          Hi starryed,

                     Welcome to McAfee Communities. First off may I please inform you that I am no "Expert", simply an avid consumer of McAfee Products for over 10 years. After reading your input, I followed the community thread initiated by Moderator- PeaceKeeper in a response to the other OP.




          Have you attempted to follow the advice given by Tony in this thread. If "Restoring" the file here-in mentioned,and temporarily turning off RTS does not enable you to install the said program. There has to be a reason for McAfee Detection.


          I have done a search on the (Titled) Game-Big Kahuna Reef and Site Advisor Live shows it "Green"

          Another quick way of submitting the mentioned  file, is by running the Latest McAfee Getsusp Tool. Which can be found under Moderator- Ex_Brit Signature/Profile or on the main "Security Awareness" page under "Top rated Content-Documents"


          Here are the lists of Tools https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2168


          Before scanning, please remember to open "Preferences" and type in your Email Address, as the "Suspicious/Unknown file will be sent to the McAfee Global Intelligence Threat Base. You should recieve back a confirmation from McAfee verifying they are analyzing the file.


          Again, try following Moderator- PeaceKeeper,s advice, for trust me....these guys and Gals know their stuff.


          Good Luck...








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            Thanks CD...that was helpful.

            After restoring the file from the quarentined list, then turning off RTS, the program did run as normal.  When turning on RTS and launching the BKR program McAfee again quarentines the Artemis! and the program is disabled.  I can live with that knowing that this is a false positive, so at least I have a workaround if I want to play the game.

            Thanks for your "avid consumer" input!

            Kind Regards,


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              Hi starryed,

                         I am glad that you have found a resolution, to enable you to play your game. You are way too kind...I am glad to be of some small help in regards to your issues. Having said this, from reading your comments. In my humble-honest opinion, it is Moderator-PeaceKeeper whom should take credit for helping to resolve your issue, he is the one whom suggested you might try the following steps in order to successfully install your game, and play it.


                         I simply more or less, followed his lead and suggested his comments in the thread created in response to deandec back in September, 2013. Which basically lead you to where you are currently, able to play your game,and satisfied. Again, thank you for the kind words.


              All the Best


              Chuckle.."Your Avid Consumer"



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                Not the way I intended the info to be used Mcafee will never get this fixed if it is a false +ve till the file is submitted to Mcafee and You reply to the detection email saying it is a false +ve please review. The clearing up of teh detection should take only 3-5 days if not I can expediate it.


                Turning off RTS suggestion was only so you can zip the file up and send it off. It probably is a false detection but if you get into the habit of disabling RTS everytime a detection stops a game you could get a bad infection.


                Just my 2cents

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                  It was my understanding that the OP did just that...in addition to installing the game.

                  I also concur, that getting into the habit of "Turning off" RTS, can indeed invite infections.

                  Even though one may deem the program safe. As I stated, there has to be a reason McAfee is detecting it..

                  False positive,or not.


                  Just my 2 cents

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                    Thanks for the feedback, Tony.

                    I agree with your comment.  I did submit the info to virus_research@mcafee.com on 3-14 (I think it was your post that recommended that procedure), but I have not received any guidance as yet (albeit it has only been a few weekend days).

                    I will post if I get a response from McAfee.

                    Thanks again,


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                      Sorry read above post as rts disabling was the only fix you triied.  You did get a reply from Mcafee with an analysis number?