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    Agent process name


      Para crear excepciones para la configuración del servidor de seguridad, además de los números de puerto, que son los nombres de los procesos para crear una excepción para el proceso.

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          You should be able to create exceptions for the processes by adding the program's executable file (.exe) as an exception.  If it has been blocked by HIPS, check your events to see if you can find the program and add it from there.  That way you should be able to capture all the relevant information needed.

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            I didn't explain well, I got a computer without Mcafee Antivirus, it has a third party product, but they want the McAfee Agent and later add the agent for DLP, now I created exceptions for all ports (443,8081,8082,8444,8801) but the manager of the third party product told me that he needs the process names (the agent proces name) to create an aditional exceotion besides open ports

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