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    McAfee killed my browsers!!


      I have four browsers downloaded.  I was forced to do that, to find ONE that McAfee would NOT shut down on me.  I removed my McAfee antivirus software because it ended up installing something with the program.  Then a big blue box started popping up in the bottom corner of the screen, asking me to ok certain websites, permissions, etc.  I don't have a screen shot of it and I wish I took one, but now Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox AND Google Chrome all shut down when they feel like it!  The only one that doesn't seem to be doing that is Safari.  I'm getting sick and tired of this.  I installed a NEW anti-virus program and ran a scan and it didn't find anything.  Ran the memory test and I have plenty of memory.  I can not figure out what is going on, but if I have to contact Hewlitt Packard to fix this issue, due to McAfee's fault, I don't know what I'm going to do.  This computer isn't even two years old, so I shouldn't have to send it out already...again, mind you.  I tried resetting IE.  It apparently did not help because the browser shut down on me within TWO MINUTES of opening it.  Can someone please help me here?

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