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    Which patches to install?


      I've been engaged by a customer who wants advice on upgrading his v8 Firewall which he's neglected to do for some time.


      I have established that he's running 8.2.1 at present (which means he probably hasn't patched it for close to two years!) and will need to get to 8.3.2P02.


      With the more recent patch releases, the patches themselves appear to be accumulative - the readme for 8.3.1P05 contains a "included from" section, listing all the earlier patches right down to P01. So, on that basis when reaching 8.3.1, it's then a matter of installing 8.3.1P05, before then 8.3.2 and finally 8.3.2P02 (the readme for which states that it includes 8.3.2P01)


      However, the wording in readme's for the 8.2.1 patches is different enough to have me thinking about it - 8.2.1P07 only states that it includes 8.2.1P06, but makes no mention of any earlier patches. But 8.2.1P06 states that it includes 8.2.1P05 and the readme for 8.2.1P05 says it includes 8.2.1P04. There's clearly a pattern here.


      So, given this apparent inheritence and despite the 8.2.1P07 readme not saying so explitly, it is safe to assume that 8.2.1P07 does in fact contain an accumulation of all fixes from patches 1-6 and that it won't be necessary to install them all in sequence before going to 8.3.1?


      Many Thanks.


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          You can cheefully ignore me.


          Just read the 8.2.1P07 readme more closely and noticed that it is an accumulative patch. It's just that the "included from" statements were spread through the readme. In the 8.3.1 patch readmes they were much closer together, so when I posted the original question I'd found the "included from 8.2.1P06" statement in the 8.2.1P07 readme file, but hadn't scrolled down far enough to see the "included from 8.2.1P05" and then the others.