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    MWG 7.x on HP Blade Server



      I know that McAfee only supports McAfee WebGateway appliance hardware or VMWare Server Versions (Virtual).
      But I do not understand the reason.
      In the MWG package there is linux readhat and the wmg software included and if it is possible to install this package
      on a HP Blade Server System (and it definitly is) what could be the possible risk for the customer?
      Which support do I lose?


      I have heard that it was not possible to install the mwg package on own hardware in the past.
      My information is that there was something like a check during the installation process.
      At present it is possible to install the software problem-free.
      Is this installation check removed permanently?


      Here is the specification I want to use for a non-caching proxy:
      HP BL460c Gen8 Intel® Xeon® E5-2697v2  / 2 Stk. 2.7GHz/12-core = 24 Cores / 32GB RAM
      HDD 600GB 10k SAS (300GB or 900GB are also possible)


      Kind regards

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          Hi Manfred,


          in the past you were able to install MWG on any hardware platform, but during these times MWG was a stand-alone installer which was installed on the operating system, such as RedHat or Windows. CGLinux/MLOS (the McAfee OS) was always bound to appliances built and shipped by McAfee.


          The installer still performs a check and prevents you from installing on separate hardware, but MWG is also available on Blade. The Blade system is an HP Blade, so I assume that the Blace system you use is close to what McAfee delivers when a customer orders MWG on Blade. That's why the installer does not complain.


          MWG may run fine as the underlying operating system is Linux. The problem is that you may lose support. Support will still be able to provide assistance in regards to rule set creation or similar questions, but as soon as problems like crashes, memory management, performance etc show up Support will no longer be able to help, since these platforms are not explicitly tested by McAfee.


          Since I am not making such decisions I cannot give more insight about "why" the company does this, but maybe someone else can jump in and add some more statements. All I know from my technical and support perspective is that MWG may run fine on other hardware platforms, but support/engineering will not be able to help if running on an unsupported platform.


          In case the Blade system you own is close enough to what McAfee sells it might be an option. However I recommend to definitely talk to sales who can talk to engineering/support to find out if your hardware is a suitable solution for running MWG on it. I definitely recommend to not get into production without proper confirmation as you may get into trouble obtaining support :-(




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            Hi Andre,


            Thanks for your fast respone.

            Maybe someone form engineering / support can bring in additional information about this.

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              Jon Scholten

              Hi Manfred,


              Is virtualization possible? This is fully supported.