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    Unable to uninstall Mcafee Anti-Thieft


      Since the beginning of November 2013 I work with the McAfee support for my problem encrypted files after the uninstallation of Intel McAfee Anti-Theft.


      The McAfee support was able to decrypt my files on March 9th 2014 after several attempts for 4 months. I'm glad. But the support can not disable the Intel AT. We reinstalled McAfee Intel Anti-Theft and we are unable to configure it, it said continually check my username and my password. Yet they are good and work in the Web interface.

      Also, we are unable to uninstall it.

      I am with the McAfee support, level 2.5.


      I have a Sony VAIO laptop, model SVT11157DCS.


      What can I do in such situation?

      I'm desperate.