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    EWS 5.6 p6 Greylisting and Directory Harvesting with Gmail


      I tried using the greylisting and directory harvest function and had some serious delay and blocked email issues with Gmail.  I found a reference from Google stating that greylisting should be disabled when interacting with Google mail systems.  So I tried to make the EWS server disable greylisting for the google.com googlemail.com domains with protocol presets in the within Recipient Authentication area.  I tried using both "is" and "is like" matching methods with google.com and googlemail.com but it would not match incoming google mail with these presets.  I have other presets that work fine when I have a fully qualified fqdn or IP.   I also noticed in my logs that directory harvesting was blocking emails from legitimate senders.  I wonder how the directory harvest function records the failed email attempts for a domain.  It almost seems like it aggregates all failed attempts from a source domain instead of treating each sending email address uniquely. 


      So my question is how can I provide presets that allow through common email domains (like Gmail) in the presets function for Recipient Authentication that bypass Greylisting and Directory Harvesting?  I prefer to not have specific IP's or fqdn's because I don't want to wake up to the fact that Google is using different IP's for email systems or added/changed the names of email servers.