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    ePO port problems & agent deployment on systems


      I have installed Mcafee ePolicy Ochestrator on windows server 2008. The default port for Agent-server communication port is 80. Upon installation, it was clashing with the webserver's port, so i changed the Agent - server communication port to 8080. Now the problem i am having is that the ePolicy Ochestrator cant seem to communicate with systems when trying to deploy agents. From the System Tree, i can see the systems, but they appear as un-managed and does not display IP Adresses and Usernames. Is it the change of ports which is causing this? if so, which port can i change to from 80?

      Also, i cant seem to install the Agent handler on windows server 2008, im getting an error that i cannot install the Agent handler in the same system as the ePO.

      Kindly assist.