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    Connecting the DAS50 to an ETM-X6 - clarification




      I have KB77318 (dated 19/09/13) and also PD24876 (dated13/12/13).  KB77318 appears to be slightly out of date as the PD has an extra bit to step 3 (3b), so I will be using the PD in the below:


      Step 5b: (ETM-X6 is a 2U appliance) - cable connectors go into slot 1 and 2

      Step 7: Cable 1 (top) goes to DAS slot 1, and Cable 2 (bottom) goes to slot 3 on the DAS device



      - In step 5b, is it implied that the cable that connects to slot 1 is cable 1?  Ie, ETM-X6 slot 1 is connected to DAS slot 1, and ETM-X6 slot 2 is connected to DAS slot 3?

      - Is it ok to rack the appliances on top of each other (thinking about air flow here), or is it recommended that a 1U gap is left?

      - Figure 4 (p3) picture looks a little wierd - when the LSI 9280 RAID-4e card is inserted into the ETM-X6, are the external slots of that RAID card at the bottom of the ETM-X6 or half way up?


      Any help appreciated!



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          Further to the above, PD24876 step 5b - 'slot 1 and slot 2' are not neccessarily left to right, as this can be dependent on the orientation of the inserted card (this is something I have been caught out with before), so I need clearer information with regard to a)if the leftmost slot when looking at the appliance is indeed 'slot 1', and b)if we are assuming that 'cable 1' (as referenced in step 7) refers to the cable that has been inserted into the X6 RAID cards slot 1.


          The above may seem pedantic, but I dont know what happens if the cabling is wrong, and we also need to provide clear instructions to data centre staff to minimise delays and issues.  I cannot have a play around with it myself in advance, and will not be present in the DC when the physical install takes place  :-)