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    Hardware specifications nowhere to be found...


      Hi All,


      I am really struggling to find specifications for a number of SIEM appliances...  We are planning a very large deployment, and I cant seem to find basic details such as height, width, depth of appliances, and power consumption.  I found KB74315 which advises on the power cords used, but that is all.


      The 9.3.0 installation guide (PD24720) lists:

      - Power consumption for the DAS platforms


      It does not list:

      - Power consumption for either of the SuperMicro-based or Intel-based platforms

      - Unit size of appliances, for example:

          - ETM-X6 - Looks like a 2U (and cdw.com lists it as 2U also - just cant find anything documented on the McAfee site!)

          - ACE-3450 - same as X6

          - ERC-1250 - Looks like a 1U (again, cdw.com lists as 1U)

      - depth and width.  I have been caught out with M-series NSP not fitting into standard DC racks before!


      From community thread 50209, it looks like this information needs an NDA, which seems a little wierd to me - could this be double-confirmed?