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    Full Text Index Status?


      After enabling Full Text Indexing, or after adding new, large data sources, is there a way to check the status of the indexing process?

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          Wow, 4 weeks and no replies.


          So far, even after SW updates, reboots, etc, the ELM is still showing a Status of "ELM FTI change in progress".


          I've tried stopping and re-initiating the FTI service. The system has had long periods with no sudden increases in data and started from essentially scratch, not on an existing pool of stored logs, so it wouldnt seem there is high load on the indexer.


          How do I know when the index service is working properly?

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            Not much of a help but you can see some ELM FTI info via the ELM logs.


            ESM > ELM > Properties > ELM Management > View Log




            ESM > ELM > Properties > ELM Management > View Usage

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              There needs to be data in ELM before indexing is turned on, it may be that it was turned on when there was no data. But it doesn't take that long to build the index. I would suggest turning it off all together, i.e. remove the index. Wait till this process completes and start again. Ensure you are meeting the requirements of storage size for the index, it will show how large it needs to be when you set it up. But it is 20% of the storage pool you are indexing.