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        What's up with McAfee Firewall Core Service? In MsConfig, the service has an unchecked box but it's status is "Running" AND a "Disabled" date of September 2012 is displayed! WTF?!

      The virtual technician is [as always] indicating no errors found. And, technical service is [as always] giving me nonsense about uninstalling, removing remnants... blah, blah, blah.

        I can't help but wonder if this is related to the reocurring non-start of Real Time Scan and the update loading loop currently underway with McAfee and Windows. {Both claim they have updates to install. Yet, after a restart, they claim the updates were installed... until an hour or so has passed then they have updates to install again!}

      In the meantime, Real Time Scan is stuck in it's own loop: not starting; started; disabled; not starting; started...!

      What's going on here!?

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          Peter M

          It's running and checked on mine. MSCONFIG sometimes shows old services that no longer exist.   That said, you shouldn't be having all these problems.  As I believe Tony said in another thread, either try uninstalling, running MCPR, rebooting and reinstalling from the online account, or call Technical Support, it's free of charge after all.   See the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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            Hi Wetmoref2,


            The FireWall core service needs to be started and running for the McAfee Personal Firewall to work correctly. Please confirm whether you are using McAfee Personal Firewall or the Windows Firewall as your Default Firewall service.


            It is odd that McAfee / Windows has pending updates - to get more information post back the Operating System details and the version of Internet Explorer regardless of usage.