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    EEPC 5.2 upgrade to DE 7.1 using ePO 4.6.7


      Our current systems are encrypted using EEPC 5.2 with the Screen Saver options selected to set EE screen saver as default.


      When the machines are upgraded to DE7.1 and no user has logged on to the machine the screen saver will kick in based on the EEPC5.2 settings.  This prevents anyone from logging onto the machine after the screen saver is initiated.(Microsoft KB242917 addresses this on the Windows side.) Rebooting the machine is the only way to resolve it.


      DE7.1 policies within ePO do not have a screen saver option, as far as I can tell.


      Options discussed to remedy...


      Change EEPC WKS policy prior to upgrade?

      Change Windows Group Policy to use logon.scr (Windows screen saver)?


      Any ideas to remedy this?