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    How to Properly Authenticate MCP Traffic on MWG - Without SaaS Web Protection


      I am setting up a standalone MWG and all of the traffic coming to this MWG will be redirected using the MCP. We are not using the SaaS at all for this MWG, and we are just strictly using MCP to redirect traffic.


      We only want authenticated traffic to be allowed to use this MWG, so the first couple rules will be to authenticate the traffic. If you are authenticated, continue. If you don't authenticated, you are blocked. I have the MWG added to the domain and I have the NTLM set up. If I change my IE settings to manually hit the proxy server (so I'm not using the MCP to redirect the traffic) it authenticates fine. If I remove that setting from IE, and I use MCP to redirect, it doesn't seem to authenticate properly.


      In it's simplest form, whats the best/proper way to set up the authentication rule for MCP traffic?