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    Internet Browsing through MFE (Remote VPN on ShrewSoft)




      I have a question.
      Is it possible to make a Remote VPN (using Shrew Soft VPN Client 2.2.2 Standard Edition) to MFE 8.3.1 with routing all client traffic through VPN?

      I have to make remote users Internet Browsing through VPN and through MFE.
      Is it possible at all?
      If yes, please give me some hint how to do this.

      Best regards
      Krzysztof Anzorge

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          I have not personally worked with the Shrewsoft client. But if there isn't a "route all traffic" option available, I often find changing the remote network definition to will do the same thing.


          You will need to change the corresponding VPN defintion on MFE so that the local network value is set to also.


          I have worked with some customer's who wanted to this with remote sites running the old McAfee UTM (SnapGear) Firewall to force all traffic over the VPN and this method worked for them.


          Hope this helps.