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    Enable Remote Registry


      We've been trying to use the "Allow scan to enable remote registry service" option that's recently been added to the MVM scan settings but haven't been able to get it to work.  We're using a local admin account to authenticate, which is successful, but then we get "Warning (80070005): Failed to open Service Control Manager".  It's unable to enable remote registry and the authenticated checks aren't completed.  Does anyone know what needs to be modified? 

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          You re-check the following requirements on Window target device :

               - Remote Registry service is enabled. (Startup type : Automatic)

               - UAC feature is disabled (With Win7, Winserver 2008 or later)


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            Hi, disable firewall on the destination client and try again. It's a quick test. Actually, the service on all Windows 8 are disable and MVM start the service and close after the scan withtout any problem. Else, check the domain name in your crendentails window on MVM.