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    Exporting firewall rules ePO 5


      I'm not sure if this is an ePO issue or HIPS issue but I'll start here. I am trying to export My HIPS Firewall Rules but the only options I can export are xml and html. Is there a way export to csv anymore?



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          Kary Tankink

          How are you exporting the policy?  From the ePO Policy Catalog, when you click EXPORT on a policy, you can only export as a XML file; there is no HTML or CSV format.

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            To export I go to the policy catalog and select HIPS 8.0: Firewall fromt the products list. nest to my rule set I click the export link. This brings me into a windows with a link. In the past I would right click the link and select save as and save it as a csv. Now all it lets me do is save as an HTM fil. I have also tried to go into the policy and export iy from there but when i click export it auto downloads it as an XML file.

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              Kary Tankink

              Arae you using a non-IE browser?  Using Chrome, I get the .HTM file extension, but I don't with IE.  Click the file, instead of Rclick Save As.   You must save it as a XML file, if you wish to (re)import the policy.  There no other supported format/extension for policy exports.

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                I was using Chrome and in IE11 I can only export to xml with either export option. In past versions of epo i could export the list of rules to a csv file so we could do a sort of manual audit. it allowed me to digram out the rules so i could tell if i had overlapping or conflicting rules. If i can't do that anymore is there a good hips firewall rule auditor you know of?


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