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    Best practice - multiple ePO or multiple respository?


      I have about 300 endpoints of VSE managed by ePO  4.6.6 on my WAN.  My organization has recently merged with another, about 700 miles away.  We have a fairly good point-to-point link between their WAN and ours (10Mbps, about 28ms latency).  The two orgs have separate AD forests (two-way trust) at this time, but we plan to consolidate in a single forest sometime in the next few months.  In the meantime, I need to roll out VSE to about 80 endpoints down there before the end of April (because their Symantec support will end at that time).


      So, I know I could create a repository down there, managed from my ePO server - I have admin credentials I could use in their domain - push out the agents with a repository policy that points them to their local repository.  I'm just wondering if I'd be better off putting a full ePO server down there for any reason.  I can't think of one, but I haven't had to do this before, and I don't know what I don't know.  Hoping to get some general infrastructure advice.