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    How good is Mcafee

      mcafee WILL have to up there game a bit - seriously

      File New_WinRAR_ZIP_archive.zip received on 02.20.2009 11:38:45 (CET)
      Current status: Loading ... queued waiting scanning finished NOT FOUND STOPPED

      Result: 34/39 (87.18%)

      Antivirus Version Last Update Result
      a-squared 2009.02.20 Trojan-DDoS.Win32.Agent.bv!IK
      AhnLab-V3 2009.2.20.1 2009.02.20 -
      AntiVir 2009.02.20 TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen
      Authentium 2009.02.20 -
      Avast 4.8.1335.0 2009.02.19 Win32:Agent-AABV
      AVG 2009.02.19 Worm/Generic.IRR
      BitDefender 7.2 2009.02.20 Trojan.Autorun.TE
      CAT-QuickHeal 10.00 2009.02.20 TrojanDownloader.Agent.pdl
      ClamAV 0.94.1 2009.02.20 Worm.Autorun-970
      Comodo 984 2009.02.19 Worm.Win32.AutoRun.KS
      DrWeb 2009.02.20 Win32.HLLW.Autoruner.2339
      eSafe 2009.02.19 Suspicious File
      eTrust-Vet 31.6.6367 2009.02.20 Win32/Hamweq.CF
      F-Prot 2009.02.19 -
      F-Secure 8.0.14470.0 2009.02.20 Worm.Win32.AutoRun.dui
      Fortinet 2009.02.20 W32/LdPinch.CDS!tr.pws
      GData 19 2009.02.20 Trojan.Autorun.TE
      Ikarus T3. 2009.02.20 Trojan-DDoS.Win32.Agent.bv
      K7AntiVirus 7.10.637 2009.02.19 Trojan-DDoS.Win32.Agent.bv
      Kaspersky 2009.02.20 Worm.Win32.AutoRun.dui
      McAfee 5530 2009.02.19 -
      McAfee+Artemis 5530 2009.02.19 Generic!Artemis
      Microsoft 1.4306 2009.02.20 VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator.BH
      NOD32 3871 2009.02.20 Win32/AutoRun.KS
      Norman 6.00.06 2009.02.19 BAT/AutoRun.AE
      nProtect 2009.1.8.0 2009.02.20 Trojan.LdPinch.NCT
      Panda 2009.02.20 Suspicious file
      PCTools 2009.02.19 -
      Prevx1 V2 2009.02.20 1-5
      Rising 2009.02.20 Trojan.Win32.Undef.klh
      SecureWeb-Gateway 6.7.6 2009.02.20 Trojan.Crypt.XPACK.Gen
      Sophos 4.38.0 2009.02.20 W32/HostInf-A
      Sunbelt 3.2.1855.2 2009.02.17 INF.Autorun (v)
      Symantec 10 2009.02.20 Trojan Horse
      TheHacker 2009.02.20 Trojan/Small.autorun
      TrendMicro 8.700.0.1004 2009.02.20 Mal_Otorun1
      VBA32 2009.02.20 Trojan-DDoS.Win32.Agent.bv
      ViRobot 2009.2.20.1616 2009.02.20 INF.Autorun.274
      VirusBuster 2009.02.19 INF.Autorun.Gen
        • 1. RE: How good is Mcafee
          It's not unusual for something to be unknown to McAfee, that's why you see Generic!Artemis right underneath the one you highlighted. VirusScan heuristically detected something.


          McAfee 5530 2009.02.19 - [/B]
          McAfee+Artemis 5530 2009.02.19 Generic!Artemis

          You'll find something in the Quarantine section which should then be forwarded to McAfee.

          No anti-virus application, no matter what brand, is perfect and you should keep some up-to-date anti-spyware applications onboard also.

          See: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=136913
          • 2. RE: How good is Mcafee
            Doesnt help much bud....my mcafee isnt picking it up - uploaded to webimmune....they also "inconclusive"

            Still.....how good is mcafee??
            • 3. RE: How good is Mcafee
              It WAS detected. It IS inconclusive, therefore they are working on it. I don't understand what your point is.

              I don't know of any anti-virus in the entire universe that knows exactly what every detection is first time around. Hence heuristic detection engines which are present in any reputable A/V application.
              • 4. RE: How good is Mcafee
                MY point IS that if 87% of all other engines can do it then WHY can't mcafee do it.
                • 5. RE: How good is Mcafee
                  In this particular case McAfee generically detected something instead of knowing exactly what it was. In another case I'm willing to bet the bank that any of the other A/V would behave in exactly the same manner.
                  They all fail at some stage to give a detection a name, hence the invention of heuristic detection.

                  If they didn't all do that then they wouldn't have any need of heuristic detection, and they all have that.

                  Ask any major anti-malware forum for their opinion and I'm sure that they will agree.

                  At least it was stopped, whatever it was. If you are so anti-McAfee that you feel you need to give it some misplaced bad publicity why are you using it?
                  • 6. RE: How good is Mcafee
                    Don't say "At least it was stopped" it wasn't stopped - I have tested this on a VM and mcafee DID NOT STOP INFECTION!!!
                    And me being anti-Mcafee - I'm not - the forums are the only way to get other people to see/know what's happening. Without anyone knowing - how will they prevent this!
                    Come on be realistic - Money = Service and thats the bottom line. i pay for a prioduct and at this stage it's not up to scratch.
                    The reason I am posting is because I have received numerouse complaints about this and I want to share this with other people and a great place to start is here.
                    • 7. RE: How good is Mcafee
                      What is that Generic!Artemis then, a figment of my imagination?
                      • 8. RE: How good is Mcafee

                        Upon analysis the file submitted does not appear to contain one of the 200,000 known threats in the AutoImmune database. The file may contain a new threat, or no code capable of being infected. Your submission is being forwarded to an Avert Labs Researcher for further analysis. You will be contacted by AVERT through e-mail with the results of that analysis.
                        • 9. RE: How good is Mcafee
                          Well, that means it was detected as inconclusive and has been sent for further testing.

                          As I have already said, on another occasion the same thing could happen with any of those other A/V applications.

                          We could continue this argument until the cows come home and get absolutely nowhere.

                          Be thankful it was detected as Generic!Artemis at least. If they subsequently find that it is a bad object then it'll be given a name.

                          That line you higlighted in your first post was only the first part of the whole detection.

                          It should have been...
                          McAfee 5530 2009.02.19 -
                          McAfee+Artemis 5530 2009.02.19 Generic!Artemis

                          The following found nothing as there is no "next line"......

                          AhnLab-V3 2009.2.20.1 2009.02.20 -

                          Authentium 2009.02.20 -

                          F-Prot 2009.02.19 -

                          PCTools 2009.02.19 -

                          Prevx1 V2 2009.02.20 1-5

                          Also 2 of them only detected a "suspicious file" but at least they detected something.

                          I think you're giving VirusScan a bum rap.
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