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    McAfee SAAS Not auto Updating


      I've been monitoring the McAfee SAAS setup for my clients in recent weeks I've noticed that on a lot of the machines they are not Auto updating when logged on.  I have to connect via Log Me In and run a manual update.  this is a time consuming process and it's costing my clients money in support hours, and they are non too pleased.


      They have many different PC's running windows Vista and 7 Pro, some seem to be updating fine others not so much,  I cannot see any settings different from one machine to the other, and they are all using the same Policy in McafeeASAP.


      Several of these machines have been promting an invalid licence key when I first login, the Licence key however is fine, and they update without issue from the app on the taskbar and this error go's away once the update is done.