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    Stinger executable modified and may be infected




      We had the same problem.  We were running stinger32.exe( v. ) on an off-network system that had IE6 installed and is Windows XP, SP3, 32-bit.  When we went back on network, we upgraded to IE8 then took it back off network, reran stinger32.exe and it was fine.


      Our dilemma is we can't put IE8 on the target system at this point.  So our idea is to make the USB HDD from which we are deploying our updates bootable.  We would put IE8 on it.  We boot into the USB HDD.  We have a couple of questions:


      1. We will install IE8 on a bootable USB HDD for stinger's benefit.
      2. We will boot into the USB HDD.
      3. How do we tell stinger32.exe where IE8 is?  Is a 'set PATH' good enough?
      4. While booted into the USB HDD, we want to scan the USB HDD along with all other local drives.  Will the --ADL option work while booted into the USB HDD?




      Sugam Shrestha and Sandra Carney


      Edited by Moderator to add missing details:


      1. We would rather not boot Win XP from the external HDD, if possible
      2. We plan to install:
        • Windows XP security updates
        • McAfee Application Control(v.6.1.2)
        • Upgrade our software
      3. Our target system has IE6 installed   We can't install IE8 on the target system.  Instead, we would like to install IE8 on the external HDD for the purpose of telling stinger to look there for it.  Is this possible?


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