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    EMM installation and device support question ...


      Hello all,


      We are currently evaluating McAfee EMM and have few questions regarding best practices and other people experience with EMM. MDM deployment project we have is pretty limited with resources, so two server configuration is already stretching us thin.

      Questions we have are as follows:

      1. Is it really necessary to install EMM Hub and ePO components on different servers?
      2. Can we install EMM Hub and ePO on same server, and use locally installed SQL Server Express for both? What would be good reason to use anything other than SQL Server Express in 100 user scenario?
      3. As part of two year agreement, our mobile phone operator is offering to replace most of mobile phones we currently use with new phones. We don’t want to get in situation where we need to support 20 different phones, so we were thinking on standardizing our mobile phones to 3 models. Candidates for top management are iPhone 5s, Samsung S4 and HTC One, and for others Samsung S4 Mini. What are other forum members opinions on using these phones with McAfee EMM (preferably with version 11)?


      Thanks, MSM




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          1- If you are on an evaluation environment(and the ePO is for evaluation as well), yes you can install both EMM and ePO on the same servers. Check documentation for install it correctly.

          2- Yes you can, but only for evaluation and with few users.

          3- iPhone 5 use apple MDM features, which are far way better in user experience and provides more restrictions options, on android phones you need to use McAfee Secure Container(encrypted managed mail client app) or configure the emails settings manually on the native email client. Android has fewer options for restrictions but the basic MDM features are available.

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            Hello Diego,


            Thanks for taking time to reply. What would in your opionion be technical reasons to install ePO and EMM Hub on different servers in production environment and not to use MS SQL Express? We anticipate having less than 100 MDM users, and it doesn't really justify spending quite a sum on MS SQL processor licence + hardware/licenses needed for additional server.


            Anyone else?


            Thanks, MSM

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              In the end we settled on running HUB and ePO on different server, but with local SQL Server Express installations on each of them. We just couldn't justify full Microsoft SQL price for this project. As for mobile phones I asked about, we tested all four of them plus Samsung Galaxy S5 and Nokia Lumia 630. All phones worked as expected with McAfee EMM 12.0 (without patches, with patch 1 and with patch 2).