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    553 Invalid recipient events messages


      Today I was alerted by some of our users they were not getting some emails.


      I checked the event logs and noticed the messages they were expecting had the following SMTP response:

      553 Invalid recipient


      The weird thing is our users are valid and they have been getting emails all day.  The only thing I noticed was the subject line was empty.



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          This has been a recurring problem for one of our clients since last September. It seemed to stop, when we stuned off Deny for invalid users. Support had found a few issues, but we have not verified if the fixes have worked completely.

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            Hello jig1 -


            There was an issue this past weekend that caused some customers to experience 553 Invalid Recipient errors.  This issue has since been resolved.  If you require any additional information on the issue, please log a service request with support.


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            Karen Widhalm

            System Support Team

            McAfee, Inc.

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