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    McAfee Bloatware Returns for Thunderbird


      Running Thunderbird v24.3.0


      McAfee Security Centre v12.8, build 12.8.934

      Antivirus v16.8 build v16.8.708 Engine version 1820.0


      PC is Win8.1, 8GB RAM, Intel i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz


      Again., since the latest update, McAfee On-access scanner server is rendering Thunderbird unusable, it can take 10 mins to delete a single item of email (with no attachments), while this is happening CPU used by onAccess scanner leaps to >29% CPU, memory uses leaps to about 290MB. All the while Windows helpfully tells me that Thunderbird is not responding.


      To download 3 items of mail from a POP3 server, again with no attachments, took 8 minutes. During which CPU used by the on access scanner service sat betweeb 27% & 29% and the memory it used exceeded 300MB. My Internet connection runs at about 50Mb.


      Please can this be investigated and fixed. Having to reboot just to read email is not user friendly.

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          It's a known issue, resolution time unknown at present.  Until then please open SecurityCenter and go to Virus and Spyware Protection > Real Time Scanning > Settings and uncheck Email Attachments.  (The email is scanned regardless of whether or not there are attachments - doing this stops that scanning).   You'll still be protected if you download or import anything onto your hard drive.


          I suggest opening a case with Technical Support.  It;s free by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


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            THis is a repeated problem happens every coulkd of release do McAfee not test that they are not reintroducing old problems?


            Perhaps they should remove their claim to support Thunderbird Mail?

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              Opened a case with Technical Support. They fiddled with some settings, deleted some temporay files. Changed some start up priorities. And said if that does not work reinstall the software.


              Their  changes made no difference.

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                It's Thunderbird and its rapid-release update cycle.  Just when McAfee has things working, TB updates yet again and throws it all back to square one again.


                Escalate the case with Technical Support to a higher tier if you want to.







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                  Hi jonathansc


                  I would like to gather some logs from your PC for proceeding further in this issue. Please let me know if you are ready for a Support Session so that I can collect the required info.

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                    Try Thunderbird 24.4 just out. My initial testing appears fine. Will see how it handles 30 emails arriving tomorrow morning

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                      Can someone please help me to solve this problem?


                      Mozilla Thunderbird 24.2.0 (running under Windows 7 Professional Version 6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1)) has suddenly become unusable (poor performance, "Not Responding", "Unresponsive script", etc.) since McAfee installed these updates yesterday:


                      McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware

                      Version: 16.8

                      Build: 16.8.708

                      Last Update: 09/04/2014

                      Engine version: 1854.0

                      Engine creation date: 09/04/2014


                      McAfee Personal Firewall

                      Version: 13.8

                      Build: 13.8.718

                      Last update: 2014-04-09


                      [The inconsistency in date formats within the `About McAfee SecurityCenter' window does not inspire confidence in the ability of McAfee's programmers.]


                      Whenever Thunderbird becomes non-responsive, mcshield.exe usage in Windows Task Manager goes up to 12% or 13% of CPU time.


                      I have long since followed the first two instructions at

                      https://wiki.mozilla.org/Thunderbird:Testing:Antivirus_Related_Performance_Issue s#McAfee

                      There is no longer an "On-Access Scan properties" option on the McAfee systray pop-up menu.  Could someone who knows where it has been hidden please update the Wiki page?


                      I have rebooted but it has made no difference.



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                        Issue is being looked at I gave Mcafee heaps of logs they need more re this. The workaround is to open real time scanning and disable email attachment scanning. That fixes most TB issues but now attachments are only scanned when opened not as well when received. Slight loss of security but one can live with it for a while.


                        That link you gave I think is for enterprise as the retail consumer version currently does not have exclusions for Real Time scanning present.


                        That said try the 24.4 version of TB seems to work ok for me but I am running 13.0 version of security center (beta version) Try 24.4 and report back.


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                          After 26 minutes on the phone to McAfee Technical Support, to whom I reluctantly handed over control of my screen, the situation is not much better.


                          I was horrified when the McAfee employee started closing windows without asking my permission and attempted to reboot my computer without asking if I had any open files that I had not saved.


                          I have long since disabled email attachment scanning but that does not solve the problem.


                          Since the start of the problem coincided with a McAfee auto-update, I am reluctant to switch from a Thunderbird version that worked perfectly for many months to one that may not work, but I may be left with no option.

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