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    Remove "ESM Reports" from email subject line


      This seems like it should be a simple matter of unchecking a box or something. Does anyone know of a way to remove the "ESM Reports" prefix that gets added to the subject line on every alert and report? I name mine such that I get a good idea what the email is based on the subject like Account Lockout - Domain Admin. Well on some devices like my phone, all I see is "ESM Reports - Acc" and the important piece gets truncated.

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          Have not looked at Reports, but in the Alarm's you should be able to create Custom Alarm Templates to use and specify what is in the Subject Line as well as the body of the email.

          "Alarm Message Templates" became available in version 9.2.1

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            I appreciate the response. Yeah I have done that and it still prepends my alarm emails with "ESM Reports -"



            I have this in my custom template for an alarm:



            That yields this email subject:


            Obviously, I whited out the username in that. The idea would be to be able to tell what happened and to whom just from the subject. Then open it for more information. This is just an axample I threw together real quick. I get the same on all of my reports and all of my alarms. Since it is common across both, I almost wonder if it isn't a common setting on the ESM itself somehwere. I can tell by the from address that is is the ESM. I don't need to waste space in the subject line.


            We have had this SIEM since 2011 so I am at the point in my implemenation where I can whine about silly things like this.

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              Think I found your issue, all of ours show "McAfee SIEM" which is defined under the ESM's "System Properties" then "Email Settings" and finally the "Title" field.

              Check to see if yours is set to "ESM Reports"

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                That was it. Thank you. I knew it would end up being something embarrassing like that. Like I said, we have had ours since 2011. I configured those settings a l-o-n-g time ago. Common sense should have said to check the email settings tab though. Guess I just needed a fresh set of eyes on it. Thanks again!