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    Upgrade from 3.6 to 4.6 problem: How to create (migration) compliance rule in 4.6 that same setting in 3.6


      Hi everybody,


      I'm new to ePO.

      I must config ePO 4.6 with same setting in old version 3.6, but I don't know it can be and how it do in some case.


      Like following screenshot , I has compliace rules of compliance check  in 3.6 and I want to create the same in 4.6.

      compliance rule.png

      I known that in 4.6 , need to Creating a query to define compliance ( with Select Boolean Pie Chart from the Display Result As list, etc)

      and then create Server task to run that query with option Generate Compliance Event .

      But I don't know the details how to do.


      Does anybody know how to do in this case?




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          You need 3 things, a compliance query, server task, and automatic response




          Menu > Reporting > Queries and Reports


          New Query, give it a meaningful name, Next


          For results type, select System Management > Managed Systems, Next


          Select Boolean Pie-Chart for displaying the results


          Select configure criteria, and set your compliance data. Keep this simple, and dont do any client filtering at this point. Next


          Select Columns you wish to display for clients in the report, Next


          Choose required filters for the results (if any), for example clients with a particular tag, or device type which you dont want including in the report.


          Save the Query


          Server Task


          Menu > Automation > Server Tasks


          New Task, and name accordingly, Next


          Actions: Run Query (select your query)
          Sub-Actions: Generate Compliance Event. Set the results as either a percentage of clients or specific number.


          Set your server task schedule, and save the query


          Automatic Response


          Menu > Automation > Automatic Responses


          Create new or duplicate the default "Non-Compliant Computer Detected" response


          You want the response to capture event ID 16000, and configure the aggregation settings to how you want them.


          Finally, the actions section. You need to specify here which action you would like to take. Probably the most common choice would be to send an email to the administrator to alert.


          Thats it. As long as you keep all the criteria the same as on your 3.6 box then it should be straight foward, as you should already know which boundaries and filtering have already been set.


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