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    Windows Sizing for McAfee Window on a Windows Vista Desktop Computer


      I am running AT&T Internet Security Suite Powered by McAfee/McAfee Security Suite.

      I have been using it for over a year.

      I have it on my desktop and LapTop, both running VISTA with all current Miscrosoft Updates and McAfee updates.


      The last time we had aMAJOR McAfee update my desktop McAfee window enlarged and started taking up 90% of my screen/display.

      My Laptop didn't change so drastically.


      I would like to size my McAfee window so I can multitask and have 4 separate windows on my display.

      I like running Full McAfee scans every so often and that takes hours, but I still want to be working in other windows

      at the same time. I want the McAfee window to be on display so I can monitor the progress of the scan as it is working.

      I also want to remind myself that it is working, by seeing it still, and not forget about it and shut down by accident

      while it is working.


      How can I resize the McAfee window?


      Can I change a setting to get my desktop to use the same sizing my Laptop is using?


      My productivity has gone down since I lost the smaller McAfee Window size

      Thanks for any help?