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    HELP! with EXE infected trojan! PLEASE!




      I need to use this program called lededit2013 ( LED EDIT 2013)




      but it has detected a trojan on two exe files. cannot a for the life of me find a working program anywhere that is trojan free!


      Can anyone remove or help me with this.


      many thanks in advance.

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          Unless it's labelled as a PUP (Possibly Unwanted Program) you can't tell the software to ignore it as that feature was taken away some time ago.


          You can appeal to McAfee Labs for clearance:  https://community.mcafee.com/thread/2016

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            I might add that Site Advisor flags it as "Malicious-Dangerous Site" I would avoid even clicking on the Link in

            a1signs OP. When doing a simple search on " LEDEDIT2013.ZIP " ( All )  Links are flagged (Red).


            If I were the OP, I would follow Ex_brit,s suggestions, and submit the files. For I just ran it through Securi, and when typing in the (Entire) URL.

            It indeed was deemed a malicious site. When I ran it as the program "Lededit2013.zip" through Securi, it was not detected as Malware.


            Differing opinions......






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