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    Install in Hyper-V environment?


      I have ONE physical machine, running Server 2012 R2.  It is the sole member of it's workgroup.


      The physical machine OS is HOST to one GUEST Hyper-V virtual environment.  The GUEST environment is hosting the DC for a small domain.


      Where do I put the ePO?  If I put the ePO on the workgroup, can it manage the Guest DC?

      If it goes on the GUEST DC, can it still manage the HOST workgroup?


      I have no problem having to manually update and control the HOST workgroup if necessary.


      And....this is not a discussion of my choice of workgroup/VM DC.  That is what best fits my technical situation and business needs.


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          If you have the ressources available (cpu, ram, hdd space), I would just create a new VM (member of the domain) and install ePO on it. It's all personal but I wouldn't like to have the console sitting directly on the HyperV server or a DC. If the choice is only between the HyperV server or the DC, I would pick the DC since it might be easier to integrate with the Domain clients. Verify every ports ePO needs to use to make sure they aren't already in use on the DC and change them during the install if needed.

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            DC will be in Hyper-V.  Only choice.  While I fully recognize that the money is in large corporate environments, I wish there was at least some acceptance that small shops can only afford a single server, a spool of bailing wire, and a big ball of string.  The term cluster has an entirely different meaning in my office...

            Thanks for the input, it was the direction I was looking.