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    Alert when systems are deleted from ePO


      Was wondering if it is possible to send an alert when x amount of machines are deleted from the ePO console.  We have a ton of automation in our environment, and we've had a few instances where our automation tasks accidentally deleted a mass amount of systems from ePO.  Typically this would not be an issue, but with our EEPC deployment, this causes user assignments to be lost, and therefore a nightmare for our help desk.  I was thinking if we can be alerted when a certain number of systems are deleted within a short amount of time, this could help prevent or at least keep us aware of a potential issue.  I looked in the Automated Response section, and couldn't figure a way to do this.  We're running ePO 4.6.


      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks.

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          maybe check to see what automation is deleting your systems, and modify it so it doesnt do that anymore?


          you might be able to create a Logging ->Audit Log Entries query, and have this query look for audit log entries related to system deletions. from here, you could create a server task to email you a report? thats the only way I can think of automating it. the alternative might be writing something for the sql back end to email you if the managed systems drop below a certain level?


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