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    McAfee & Thunderbird 24.x nsmail.tmp issue


      I continue to receive the "Sending of Message Failed, Unable to open the temporary file /tmp/nsmail.tmp, Check your 'Temporary Directory' Setting." message when I try to send messages using Thunderbird V24.3.0 .  The second time I hit the send button it works fine.   All of the info I find on this error suggests it is a McAfee issue.  I am NOT using AntiSPAM - that was set on by default when I upgraded my PC and Thunderbird would barely function with it on.  I've turned it off and not activated it since.   I have done everything suggested on all of the forums with no luck.  I keep my inboxes clean, am using several, including gmail, and a corporate email server, and AOL, and all of them give me this message when I try to send out an email.   I look in the temp folder and there are multiple instances of nsmail.tmp.   I assume each time it fails it creates a new nstemp file (see attached file).  I have deleted them all, I have compacted my files, etc., etc., etc.,   This is not related to attachments - it happens with or without attachments.


      No Luck.   Anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of this for good?