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    Exchange 2013 SP1 and MSME 8.x


      I installed Exchange 2013 SP1 over the weekend and then the Exchange transport service stopped working (it would start and then stop again). After removing MSME everything started flowing again just fine. I then re-installed MSME 8, first the main pack, then patch 1, then update rollup 1. Now I get a message that MSME fails to load the transport service:


      The service failed to load TransportScan module on '03/03/2014 12:43:51'.

      1. Restart the service.
      2. Restart the McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange service.
      3. Check whether the processes SAFeService.exe, RPCServ.exe, and postgres.exe are started.
      4. Check the Windows event log for more details.
      5. Please contact McAfee Technical Support.


      So no scanning takes place...



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