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    Page body inspection example rule?


      Anyone have an example rule to block a specific pattern in the body of a page? I understand the possible load ramifications of doing this and we are using a regex filter to cut down on hits. Currently it would be about 5k hits per week to the rule based on our url regex filtering.


      I just want to block a specific string in the first 300 bytes of the page. I have tried Body.ToString, Body.PositionOfPattern, Body.Text... Nothing seems to be working. If someone has a working copy of a rule that can do this I would really appreciate being let in on the secret.


      I dont want to give the actual string here but it would be something like:  <table width="300" border="1" cellpadding="3" bordercolor="#000FFF"><tr><td><div align="center">Doing this here...</div></td></tr></table></a>


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